Chrystal Chakra Balancing and how it all started

Today I will share a story about how life brought me to the most wonderful places in Canada, how I experienced my very first Chrystal Chakra Balancing session and how all that was kind of the precursor of what would happen a few days later when I met the White family… Rewinding the records of my life back to the year 2011. Behind me lay a couple of emotionally and psychologically very rough years. In 2009 I had joined with a business partner to start my own company. Although pretty successful on the market, things didn’t really work out on the inside. More and more tension and resentment built up. The psychological pressure led me to develop high blood pressure and I was drained even of the last amounts of energy. When I finally declared to leave the company things began to turn to the better – slowly but steadily.

In mid June of 2011 I told my business partner and our employees that I will leave the company – just a few weeks before my girlfriend and I were to go to Canada for a four week vacation. After a not so nice meeting at the office and still drained from it all I was driving in my car heading to my parents house to tell them about the breaking events. I was relieved and worried at the same time: Relieved that I had made the decision and at the same time worried about how I should deal with my clients without the support of my employees. I kind of new right away that I couldn’t count on their loyality although I had to pay my share their salary until my partner and I had sorted out my sign-off contract (which would take us until the end of the year). Anyways, while in this state of thinking and feeling my younger cousin called me out of the blue. Up to that day we only saw each other maybe once or twice a year at family functions or holidays. On the phone he told me that he was unhappy about his job and his boss. He asked me to keep my eyes and ears open in case I should hear something about any job offers that might fit. Since I was aware about his background in international business administration, new media and Internet stuff I knew directly that he would be the perfect match for me and my clients. It took another 2-3 weeks but at the end I offered him a job. What a nice and very much needed synchronicity!

Into the Wild – Canada

But back to the main story of how things began. So with this whole job situation on my shoulders and with only a little light showing up at the end of the tunnel we headed towards Canada. Once we sat on the plane I realized how much I needed a break and how urgent it was for me to get away from it all, to reboot my system, refill my energy tanks and regain my strength. For three weeks we traveled through Alberta (Calgary, Jasper, Banff) and BC (Summerland), down to Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Tofino, Quadra Island, back to Vancouver, Whistler and finally to meet some friends in Toronto. Being in the wild, seeing bears with their cubs and whales, doing hikes in the most beautiful and breathtaking sceneries, my stress levels dropped and the emotional turmoil that had been going on for way too long slowly began to cease.

Chrystal Chakra Balancing

In Tofino we stayed at the most wonderful and secluded B&B. Next to the reception desk someone had posted a note offering Crystal Chakra Balancing sessions. The note was posted by a girl who had just learned this technique and needed clients to help her practice her skills. I was curious and so I called her up and made appointments for my girlfriend and me. Chelsey was a very sweet and interesting you woman. Without a lot of talking or explaining she asked me to follow her into a separate room where she had already prepared some sage incense and a handful of gem stones. She asked me to lay down and close my eyes. I could feel her putting the gem stones on different parts of my body. (Today I know that she put them on my 7 main chakras). Back then I didn’t know at all what was going on but I was open enough to let it happen and not to interfere by asking questions.

Feeling Connected

While I was lying there, the stone on my third-eye chakra felt cold at first, then it became heavier and heavier until it got really uncomfortable. From other self-awareness sessions I knew it was a good strategy to just observe the pain, let it be and not to try and fight it. Somehow I managed to do that and all of a sudden it felt like my whole body evaporated and my whole essence melted into and merged with mother Earth. I was soil, grass, bugs, ants and flowers all at the same time. It was a feeling of perfect bliss and something I had never ever experienced before. In the midst of enjoying all this, the scenery and feelings changed. All of a sudden I was gently catapulted up in the air, far far into the skies until I felt the eternity of the universe. It felt like I was sky, the sun, pure light, planets and the space between them at the same time….

The Shaman

At some point the session was over. Chelsey asked me to come back, take my time and then join her for cup of tea. While she worked on my girlfriend I had time to contemplate about what had just happened. On the kitchen table lay a book by Doreen Virtue about Angel Therapy. (A few years later that very book would lead me to another awesome synchronicity I will share some time here). I flipped through the pages without really reading because I was full of anticipation to ask Chelsey what she had done. I wanted learn how to do it. She told me that she is working with this shaman in Victoria and that two weeks earlier she had attended a course on shamanic practices where she learned how to do Christal Chakra Balancing. She gave me the name and address of her shaman – Cheryl Dawn of „A Journey With Your Spirit„. Back then it was impossible for me to anticipate what role Cheryl would later play in my life and how all this would connect me to Carmen and her family in the end. To be continued….