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Wow! So yesterday I started blogging here again! I am so excited!!! What I realized today is that the last blog post before I took a rather long break was May 24th 2013. Pretty much exactly one year ago. Some might say: „Well, that is just another minor coincidence„. To me it isn’t! During the last couple of years I learned and understood how things occur at specific times and that you meet people, do things and live through events in the past, the present and maybe even the future that are meant to happen – that are somehow interrelated and that may even re-occur in certain intervals. I learned that the hard way. For the past 5 years, every May – around Ascension Day – I had some sort of injury or accident: 2010 May (14th): slipped disk in the neck, 2011 (May 24th): bicycle accident, wheel got stuck in track of a streetcar, 2012 (May 15th): dislocated left shoulder, 2013 (May 13th): fainted at home, 2014 (May 23rd): pinched nerve in the upper left side of the breast. These events made me pay more attention to time intervals and seemingly unrelated experiences in life. But there are also the „nicer“ examples of how life-paths cross and synchronicities occur.
In my family a bunch of us seem to have come to the same conclusion when deciding about their birth dates: My grandfather was born on July 17th, I was born July 16th, my uncle was born July 15th, and his daughter (my cousin) was born July 14th. Zodiac-sign Cancer all over! :-) Here is another one: One of my ex-girlfriends who – from the very first moment we met – somehow reminded me of my grandmother (who died from cancer when I was 9 years old) was born on October 22nd, the exact same day my grandmother was born. (I only learned that recently).

Connecting the Dots

That reminds me of a TV show I stumbled across: Two years ago, sitting on a plane headed to Indonesia where my wife and I would experience the most wonderful holiday, I watched 2 episodes of the TV mystery series „Touch“ starring Kiefer Sutherland (whom I really like from his other series „24“). The two protagonists are ex-journalist Martin (Kiefer Sutherland) and his autistic son Jake. Jake is obsessed with numbers and can see past, present and future events through the numbers. He shows his father the numbers so that Martin can help stop bad events from happening. When I look back on dates and certain numbers, names and events in my own life, I kind of feel like the characters in each and every episode of Touch. All of a sudden certain things make sense when I look at them again in more detail – Connecting the dots!

Even just now when I checked back on Wikipedia to read more about Touch, I was reminded that Martin’s sons name was Jake. And Jake is also the name of the beautiful baby boy, Heather and Chris are adopting from the special needs program in China this year. You can read more about this part of their story in their blog post entitled „You can’t make this stuff up!“ in which they are connecting dots that at the end lead to a beautiful continuing story. And that is exactly how I feel about a lot of things I have experienced during the last couple of years and that I plan of sharing here in future posts. Three more synchronicities are that 1. Chris and I share the same birthday (July 16th), 2. the name of family dog Roxy matches the name of a dear friend, including the families last name „White“ and 3. that Heather and Chris posted their approval for the adoption of Jake on Facebook the same day I posted a photo of official papers in a matter, that was very important to me too.

Register as bone marrow donor!

From a rational and narrow perspective most of the stories seem just too minor or irrelevant. But when I put the bits and pieces together, the most wonderful and fascinating picture emerges. More fascinating stories are still to come. So stay tuned and don’t forget to help fight blood cancer. Either support Team Carmen, get yourself registered as bone marrow donor or donate any amount you think is right for my „Run in honor of Carmen“ for this years half-marathon fundraiser .

Oh, and I just recalled that last night I dreamed of the song „Das Leben ist ein Mosaik“ which translates as „Life is a mosaic“. On that matter and to wrap up the subject of this post, have a look at this amazing Japanese TV commercial. Enjoy!