World Blood Cancer Day 2014 – DKMS

Tomorrow is World Blood Cancer Day. Please do support this worthy cause by simply spreading the message. If you haven’t registered as bone marrow donor yet, you can get all the info you need to know on the website. I registered as donor two years ago. It was fast, super easy and absolutely painless. As you might have read in my earlier posts I am training to finish the Cologne 2014 half-marathon. I will run in honor of Carmen Leolanie White, an amazing human being who died from Leukemia at the age of 5. If you want to support my fundraiser please do so on my project page over on Betterplace. All donations will go directly to DKMS – a German non-profit organization recruiting bone marrow donors and supporting the fight against blood cancer. It is a great cause, so get involved and help safe lives.

World Blood Cancer Day 2014 #wbcd

World Blood Cancer Day 2014

The first World Blood Cancer Day will be held on May 28. Together with you and many others, we would like to make a mark in the fight against blood cancer. Please share our message with as many friends and relatives as possible to make sure we can celebrate a successful World Blood Cancer Day! […] Only a third of patients find a suitable donor within their families. The majority of patients require an unrelated donor. The probability of finding a suitable donor outside of one’s own family is between one in 20,000 and one in several million. Sometimes no one is found, even among several millions. That is why we need you! (Source: DKMS)

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